September 15, 2012

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.
                                                                                     -Marilyn Monroe

July 16, 2012

About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog!
I'm Maya, 19 living in Barcelona but originally from London. I love photography and video making so basically that's what this blog is about!
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x Maya

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080 Barcelona - Justicia Ruano fashion show

Hello my fellow readers, so I haven’t been on here for ages but I’m now back! (I hope).
Anyway, this post is about my trip to a fashion show in Barcelona. I have to tell you, this is my first fashion show ever and I’m so happy it is because the clothes were close to perfection, and the setting was great. It took place in the Palacio Pedralbes of Barcelona (aghh it’s so lovely). I got the invite because I’m doing a fashion design and photography course and they decided they were going to take us to one of the shows so we could get a glimpse of BCN fashion week.
As you can see on the title the designer was Justicia Ruano, which is known for her feminine style that mixes vintage and current trends. Here are some pictures i took!
I decided to go quite simple on my outfit, since the show was daytime and I didn’t really know what everyone was going to wear. I wore a white tank top, H&M leather high wasted shorts, a forever21 silver necklace with rhinestones that matched my sandals. Oh and red lips!
My friend’s going to try and get us some invites for a show tomorrow but we’re not sure it’s going to be possible, so cross your fingers for me! 
xoxo, Maya